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It's Been A While!

I just want to drop a quick note since I have not been posting for a while. So, to do a super fast catch up, here ya go...

KBJB radio did an interview with me a while back. If you go HERE[/https://soundcloud.com/user-584985569/kbjb-original-artist-spotilight-danny-taddei] you can give it a listen.

It looks like SHore Life Radio has had me listed as the #1 most requested artist for the past 1/2 year. That is just awesome so thank you, everyone.

I have re-recorded my lost CD that was completed prior to a very unfortunate lighting strike. It is completed and I will have the energy to release it soon. I think I might wait until New Years Day to release it. Maybe a single this month will wet the taste buds but the CD isn't going to be out for a bit. I still need to get it pressed.

OK, That is it for now.

Director of wanderlust. Teacher in the love of palm trees, hammocks and sun soaked tropics. Beach chair specialist. Sailing apologist and beggar of radio airtime and rum. Also known to play guitar, piano, marimba, steel drum and other noise making devices.

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